Mystery #2

The most enigmatic token on Cardano


Distribution is happening now via DripDropz —and it's getting close to finished.


Token Info:

  • Policy ID:  d01794c4604f3c0e544c537bb1f4268c0e81f45880c00c09ebe4b4a7

  • Fingerprint:  asset1tu0f94n8fewtjte7p959vvrkyat389vsqelcx6

  • Purpose:  That's the biggest mystery of all, ...????...

1-Feb-2023 amendment:  Because bruh!

  • Technological data:  ...????...

1-Feb-2023 amendment:  ...????... What!?... What!?

  • Utility:  ...????...

1-Feb-2023 amendment:  Use your imagination for crying out loud. And why don't you, if petty things like "utility" is important to you, go ahead and make an app that accepts Mystery Tokens for mystery stuff and mystery NFTs or some crap, I mean you can do that bruh if you want. Why don't you do that bruh... Whatever you want. Do whatever you want bruh. Bruh just do what you want. For crying out loud Bruh!!! Bruh!!!!!!!! Stop it. Stop it bruh. Bruhch... Brunch... I'm hungry.

  • Max Supply:  100 million

  • Decimals:  0

  • Ticker:  MYST

  • Created Date:  January 27, 2022

  • Is this an investment?  Absolutely not, consider this a novelty, a meme token, a joke token. A token that gives the holder no rights to anything and is frankly very pointless; in fact, this token should probably be considered the dictionary definition of "just because" or "just for fun" and the creator will honestly put in like no effort.

1-Feb-2023 amendment:  This is still accurate. I just wanted to add, damn forgot what it was tho...

  • Creator:  Mr. E

  • "...????..." Definition:  This just means it's a mystery, or who knows, or don't know, and/or it does not exist and don't have expectations

1-Feb-2023 amendment:  Did I really create a definition for a string of question marks?


The 100 Million tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • 10% certainly goes to Mr. E
  • 10% is left to mystery and imagination
  • 80% will be distributed, given away, exchanged, or by any means whatsoever that is available be put or transferred into the ownership of various persons around the world. This process is intended to happen quickly and has already started, but this process will continue until the 80% is out circulating in the world, and no longer owned or held by Mr. E

1-Feb-2023 amendment:  Distribution is pretty close to being done and done.

Look it's a Mascot!

Mister E

Mister E looks happy.

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